Data Intelligence

Why Data Intelligence is Important?

In today’s competitive world, it has become very important for organizations to harness the power of data to differentiate themselves. When done properly, data analytics helps organizations focus, analyse and capitalize on the finer details pertaining to performance and optimization that are generally lost.

The major challenge faced by organizations is the data explosion and the need to manage, secure, automate and integrate them to derive actionable intelligence. Public cloud like AWS and GCP can help in capturing these data from disparate sources, streamline and store them. However to effectively derive intelligence from the data it is important to securely ingest the data, precisely
catalogue and visualize them.

There is a lot of precision, intelligence and experience that defines the success of these projects as one misstep could lead to significant challenges. It is very important to choose the right partner with significant experience in this niche area to ensure you can work on your core business and your technology partner curates intelligence based on your data.

How can SecureKloud Help?

Data Strategy and Derived Intelligence

SecureKloud DataEz is a self-serving, automated, compliant and integrated data platform with advanced data intelligence and management capabilities, which cuts down data ingestion time from multiple sources of growing consumer data to obtain actionable business intelligence like consumer behaviour, preference, projections, trends and multiple other insights which helps organizations derive intelligence
from otherwise siloed data.

Data Visualization

Data can be either prescriptive, descriptive or predictable in nature and SecureKloud advanced data visualization offers dynamic and interactive real-time dashboards that helps organizations cut through the clutter and measure, observe and track the right business drivers.

Data Security

Comprehensive security solutions, multi factor authentication capability, federation of identity, identity-as-a-service, Security Rx and Identity governance to ensure security of employees / consumer identity and data making your product
robust and reliable.

Ensuring Data Quality

Implementation of recommended AWS, GCP or any other public cloud best practices and standards to ensure continuous compliance and high availability.

Why SecureKloud?

how it's

SecureKloud is an AWS Premier Consulting and NexGen Managed Services Partner with competencies in - DevOps, Bigdata, Security, GCP

how it's

Our automation framework helps organizations seamlessly integrate Identity Management, Big Data and Statutory compliance into their Cloud.

how it's

Deep expertise gathered over 350+ customer engagements with 150+ certified consultants.

how it's

We believe that Cloud Computing is a continuation of a long-term shift where most organizations will turn into Data Organizations and will aggressively leverage data as a core asset to drive innovation in their businesses.

What is it that we bring to the table?

Data Intelligence ISV
  • Automatically deploy core infrastructure and configure managed data services
  • Chain Multiple Data Services to create custom data pipelines
  • Multiple layers of Security across Storage, Metadata and Compute
  • Technical and Monitoring controls to meet most compliance requirements
  • Relies more on managed services so you focus more on use cases and applications
  • Modular data services for all Major Cloud Providers

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