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Accelerate the enterprise-wide cloud transformation with our powerful hybrid cloud management platform which offers Cloud Governance, Cloud Security & Compliance, Cloud Cost Optimization, Cloud Infrastructure Migration, Identity & Access Management, Cloud Application Migration and Cloud Management under one umbrella

What is Cloud Management?

Cloud Management is not just about provisioning the data center like making necessary changes in the configuration and getting the infrastructure up and running. The infrastructure is the Software here. Because cloud management is code-centric, it brings the aspects of reusability, agility, and cost efficiency through pay-as-you-go model, to the fore. Focus is not on configuration of data centers but on software development and deployment. Infrastructure is all in the code and it is not physical. Cloud deployment cannot happen like a physical server. This requires for constant CI/CD pipeline to be created. Cloud follows a non-linear model of management where need for an increased storage and more data centers will not require increasing human resources, because of code-driven architecture, leading to cost cutting in a massive scale


The Cloud Management Axle

Why will you need CloudEz?

Consumption of cloud services by configuring their own enterprise cloud platforms is a route rarely taken by organizations, simply because cloud management requires to be pulled off with code unlike traditional data management of deploying a physical server. CloudEz is an enterprise class framework to facilitate cloud adoption and deploy cloud foundation. CloudEz brings down the time to market from weeks to within an hour or two through automation and fast tracking the cloud adoption process in speeds at which the business wants, without compromising on security and governance. CloudEz provides a secure, scalable, low-cost, agile and secure cloud environment for enterprises to focus more on their business problem rather than the cloud infrastructure. Moreover, CloudEz is easy to adopt, integrate and commissionable framework that enables to conduct business seamlessly. Along with this, CloudEz brings to the table support for various types of Security in Network Security, IDAM, Data Security, Log aggregation, Privileged Access Management (PAM)


CloudEz Features

  • Cloud Governance

    Efficiently manage the public, private and hybrid cloud frameworks and infrastructure adhering to the governing policies, security standards, compliance and industry best practices for better cost optimization and greater efficiency

  • Cloud Security & Compliance

    Continuously monitor, measure, understand and act in advance to security and compliance threats through real-time discovery and deep insights achieved as a result of automated policies, controls and processes in place along with robust reporting capabilities

  • Cloud Cost Management

    Cloud costing can sometimes be tricky as its “Pay for what you use” model is still not a very well understood and interpreted by organizations. It is a double-edged sword which could either result in significant cost savings when managed properly or can easily spiral out of hand and balloon into a big management threat when mismanaged. Understand and keep the cloud costs down by optimizing memory, storage, licenses, cloud web services, virtual machines, etc., and accurately forecast future costs with CloudEz

  • Cloud Infrastructure Migration

    Migrate data centers along with its infrastructure of servers, networking instruments, applications and any related backend databases to cloud using CloudEz’ code-driven methodology with focus on keeping the resources constant without incrementally increasing human resources and associated costs moving away from the usual pre-conceived notion. Steer investment models away from CapEx towards OpEx with CloudEz

  • Identity & Access Management

    Equip enterprise cloud managing IT resources with state-of-the-art access controls and security features like Multifactor authentication (OTP, Google Authenticator, Password-less authentication, Backup codes) Single sign-on, Privileged Access Management, etc., to centrally manage the cloud-hosted digital information

  • Automation & DevOps

    Enterprises cannot afford any application down time nowadays, as most of them are designed to run 24x7. One of the important aspects of CloudEz that enterprises value high is its ability to facilitate zero down time during security, support and maintenance activities and induce agility and speed at the same time

  • Cloud Management

    CloudEz can help enterprises control and orchestrate various dimensions of the cloud in product management, Cloud management services, access controls, security and compliance, automation, cost management, disaster management, tracking and report generation, all in one place by means of a common user-interface


Our Cloud Competency Center

Expertise acquired by handling numerous cloud-related projects over the course of 12+ years and faced with challenges of varying degrees from generic tried and tested solutions to very specific latest technology involving turnkey solutions, has battle hardened our cloud architects to tackle any future cloud adoption requests


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