About the Client 

Our customer is the world market leader in roof and convertible roof systems as well as parking heaters and is among the world’s largest 100 suppliers to the automotive industry. Furthermore, the company concentrates on the growth market electro mobility with heating systems, charging solutions and battery systems.

Challenges faced by the Client

Our Client wanted an active management of assets with energy metering to allow the agencies to monitor and control energy usage as well as to bill customers for usage of this general service. As part of their Digital Transformation, they needed a multitenant cloud based IoT software application service to manage their electric charging solution and its resources using a web portal.

Apart from the above, Data protection in the cloud has been another challenge faced by the client, due to the shared responsibility model and automation of public cloud infrastructure. Hence, to ensure consistent compliance controls across their infrastructure, they required new methodology.

Our Solution

After a deep analysis on clients’ requirements, SecureKloud, using our expertise in IoT, designed a Hierarchical Multi-tenancy architecture that achieves zero downtime and elasticity by nature and developed a scalable, resilient cloud based IoT solution, integrated with our client’s charging stations at airports. We also designed and developed a web portal to manage the charging stations. The IoT module acts as a middleware between the Charger and the cloud to pull data from Charger periodically to provide information like details of vehicles connected to the charging units, energy consumed by the vehicle etc., to the cloud.

SecureKloud recommended AWS Config to achieve continuous compliance across their infrastructure. AWS Config provides a detailed view of the resources associated with the AWS account, including how they are configured, how they are related to one another, and how the configurations and their relationships have changed over time. To provide security at server level SecureKloud resorted to OS hardening of the Web as well as DB servers.

Results & Benefits

  • Our IoT Solution: The web portal not only collects information to publish on a dashboard, but it also monitors and manages the Chargers including sending the authorization instructions to the IoT device for each vehicle in terms of permission to use the charger and also upgrades of the firmware Over the Air. We also migrated their existing applications to the cloud and currently managing the overall services 24/7.
  • Continuous Monitoring: With AWS Config, our customer could continuously monitor and record configuration changes of their AWS resources over a given period.
  • Continuous Assessment: AWS Config allowed them to achieve continuous auditing and assessment of overall compliance of their AWS resource configurations with the organizational policies and guidelines.

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