Cloud Management & Monitoring

Gain deep visibility with end-to-end cloud security

Maintain crystal oversight and gain administrative control on your cloud ecosystem with our automated cloud management and 24/7 cloud monitoring services.

Keep your business uninterrupted and secure.

Gain complete cloud advantage along with 24/7 monitoring.

To reduce operational risks and ensure business continuity, cloud-based organizations need to bridge the gap between cloud infrastructure and container performance. With our automated cloud management and 24/7 cloud monitoring services, breathe easy and focus on your core-functionalities while your cloud operations are reliably taken care of.

SecureKloud provides end-to-end cloud management services across clouds (public, private, hybrid, multi-cloud), cloud providers and hybrid IT, guaranteeing the best uptime and 24x7 availability for your business.

Gain from the most advanced cloud solutions using our cost-effective pay-per-use SLA, and deploy secure cloud-enabled business solutions, in real-time speed. With our 24/7/365 cloud monitoring services, identify anomalies on-time using AI-based monitoring and diagnostics tools to ensure high-availability and business continuity.

Service Highlights

Manage VMs or Containers
Analyze log files
Detect bottlenecks
Collect performance data
Monitor Cloud Apps & Servers in real-time
Identify security threats

Does Cloud Management & Monitoring enhance business performance?

Yes, it does! With automated cloud management and cloud monitoring, ensure the availability and performance of your servers, applications, and infrastructure continues to stay top-notch.

Through our cloud management & monitoring services, we evaluate your infrastructure and server response times, monitor your cloud resources for risks and vulnerabilities, and proactively prevent them from turning into threats.

We use a combination of in-house expertise and industry-leading cloud tools like Amazon Cloudwatch, Newrelic, etc. to manage and monitor cloud operations, across cloud types.

Our Cloud Management & Monitoring Services

Application Performance Management
Infrastructure Monitoring
Cloud Server Monitoring
User Experience Monitoring

Get contextual intelligence you need to troubleshoot and reduce risks.

With our automated cloud infrastructure monitoring and 24/7 observation tools, get contextual insights and intelligence to ensure uninterrupted business continuity without downtime.

Top Cloud Tools We Use

They Said It Best!

The quick and clear support provided by SecureKloud has helped us a great deal in setting up our first social gaming server on the cloud, effortlessly and effectively within a minimal timeframe.

- Rajesh Nair,

ChaYoWo Games Inc.

Great for Amazon Web Services and Cloud Managed Services / Maintenance

- Adithya Buddhavarapu,