About the Client

Our client is a San Francisco based, information technology company that provides location-based services, including sharing and notifications, to its consumers across globe. They have more than 20 million monthly active users located in 160+ countries. The company’s core offering is the market’s leading mobile app for families, with features that range from communications to driving safety and location sharing.

Challenges faced by the Client

Our Client has over 20+ million active users and their enormous data volume and growth required them to re-strategize their data management. The data being locked in third party solutions was expensive, difficult to manage & analyze, and implement data science. They were looking for a cost effective and centralized data store that could be completely controlled and managed solely by the client while making the data easily available across the teams for analysis.

Client’s business needs

The following were client’s business needs:

  • Data is the key for our client and is used to drive the product roadmap to analyze various critical attributes like driver behaviour, predicting a crash etc. Understanding the user behaviour & preferences and providing them with customized subscription models is crucial for the application’s successful go-to-market strategy
  • Build a data lake solution within their AWS account which is completely maintained and controlled by the customer
  • Remove the dependency of locking the data at third party locations
  • Making data easily accessible by data science and analytics teams within the customer organization for gaining deep insights into the data

Reasons to choose SecureKloud

SecureKloud is an AWS Premier Consulting and Next-Gen Managed Services Partner with competencies in DevOps, Bigdata & Security. We have a deep expertise in handling Retail, Pharma and Healthcare giants across the globe and our specialization in providing continuous compliance and security were the key reasons to choose us.

Details about SecureKloud solution

SecureKloud built a centralized data ecosystem that would accommodate different types of data needs relevant to the business. The solution provided better control and clarity in terms of operations management, cost and maintainability. The offerings include storage, streaming and analytics services that catalogues and stores the raw data in a centralized data store, making the data readily available for data science teams:

Business Benefits obtained

The following were the business benefits obtained:

  • Make quality data immediately available to data scientists for real analytics
  • Client was able to collect the telemetry data with improved granular control over how data is being used
  • Enabled their sales team to explore indirect revenue growth opportunities

About SecureKloud


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