Logistics on the cloud

Reimagining logistics management with cloud managed services

SecureKloud team always provided proactive and timely responses. As ex-CIO of Credit Suisse, I have worked for 15 years with many outsourcing providers before. SecureKloud is far apart from any other engineering services partner, I have ever worked with.

- Bert Jan

Dragon Wealth

About the client

The client is a leading North American logistics partner offering customized third-party logistics (3PL) management solutions, inventory management, and warehousing services to businesses, primarily in the retail/ e-commerce, automotive, industrial, and chemical industries. By leveraging emerging technologies, the company improves performance and drives value in its supply chains.

Growing into a national provider, the company remains focused on persistently improving, expanding its geographic footprint, and most importantly boosting customer experience.


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Cloud Transformations

Business Challenge

The client’s quest for a robust cloud managed services partner

Owing to the challenging market conditions in the supply chain and logistics sector, and the drive to deliver enhanced customer experience, the client had invested boldly in digital transformation with cloud as the key factor. Being in the logistics sector, any possible cloud-related glitches could result in innumerable consequences associated with downtime, security threats, etc. Hence, they wanted to avoid the risk of any such operational challenges, for it would impact their business continuity.

To meet this goal, they were on the lookout for an experienced cloud managed service provider with strong expertise in managing both their infrastructure and applications.

They were looking for assistance in:

Cloud performance monitoring
Maintaining less downtime

The client wanted to fully harness the power of cloud to fuel their growth, streamline their supply chain services, and scale their business operations.

Our Solution

Reimagined logistics management with SecureKloud’s cloud managed services

As a cloud-native digital transformation enabler with premium partnerships with major cloud providers, SecureKloud was well-positioned to manage their cloud environment, ensuring minimal to zero service disruption. The client was particularly impressed with our professionalism and stringent SLAs to ensure scalability, agility, and performance.

Our role was to successfully provide round-the-clock technical support and make sure their logistics applications are up 24/7.

Given the challenges around the nature of their business, where there was no room for business disruptions or loss of accessibility, we had to adopt an agile approach. The client’s infrastructure and applications were hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Our time-tested cloud managed services ensured that the client’s cloud environment is operating at maximum efficiency without experiencing any server downtime.

We offered end-to-end technical support, including L1, L2, and L3 assistance for continuous monitoring, hassle-free infrastructure management, and faster issue resolving in the full technology stack in Azure. As part of our managed services, we also offered converged solutions that further strengthened their cloud security, improved flexibility, and upgraded their applications with the latest cloud technologies.

With SecureKloud’s cloud managed services, the client gained control over its cloud environment, implemented modern scalable cloud applications, and is on track for more streamlined operations.

Our Approach

We established a dedicated team of cloud experts to continuously monitor their cloud environment. The team was designated to identify and speedily resolve any operational disruption issues through periodic checks. Apart from continuous performance monitoring, an exceptional security protection process was also set up, which offered security best practices and 24*7 security checks on their cloud environment.

The risk of downtime is minimized with native Azure tools to monitor the infrastructure along with third-party tools to monitor their logistic solution applications. Our comprehensive suite of cloud managed offerings covered both their infrastructure stack and applications. We worked proactively on network management, capacity management, backups, quality assurance, etc., saving them from unwanted technical hassles.

Business Outcome

Now the client is ready to take their logistics services to the next level

By leveraging SecureKloud’s distinct cloud managed services, the client is able to stay ahead of customers’ growing expectations and prepare themselves for expansion opportunities. The major business benefits achieved are

Enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency
A well-monitored environment, providing greater visibility
Consistent service and support levels
24/7/365 incident response and resolution
Reliable and secured Azure environment
Real-time support with minimal downtime
Better prepared for disaster recovery

What can our cloud managed services do for your business?

If you’re anticipating cloud management or digital transformation for your business, we would like to discuss how our customized cloud managed services can help you get the most out of the cloud.