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About the client

The client is a multinational pharmaceutical company based in Basel, Switzerland. Being one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, its vision is to be a trusted leader in changing the practice of medicine and effectively serving the patient fraternity. Known for its innovative and quality drugs, the company also holds a strong reputation in clinical trials.


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Cloud Transformations

Business Challenge

A rapid call for change–Capitalizing on the transformative nature of cloud

To stand out in a competitive marketplace and prepare for the next phase of growth, the client started off its cloud journey with a project named, “Cloud Incubation Project”. For a large, globally recognized pharma company, transforming IT infrastructure and transitioning to the public cloud emerged as a strategic priority as it constantly looked for ways to improve the practice of medicine—by enabling analytics, more efficient operations, and an improved digital experience.

They pondered over a simple question–
How can we elevate our operations through cloud in a way that positions us for the future?

The client’s vision to scale up its IT Infrastructure, providing the users with a fast, safe, secure, and easily scalable cloud environment was accompanied by a myriad of challenges.

Ramp down existing on-premises data centers and move to cloud

Build the cloud infrastructure where the client’s internal customers can leverage AWS, Azure, and GCP services
Move existing applications to cloud within a limited timeframe
Taking care of the data security
Compliance and governance controls

The client wanted to fully harness the power of cloud to fuel their growth, streamline their supply chain services, and scale their business operations.

Our Solution

Built Public Cloud Infrastructure for the client

From increased operational agility to streamlined business processes, the client wanted to enjoy the benefits of operating in the public cloud. So, AWS was chosen as the cloud provider to build a platform to leverage Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), four Availability Zones, and many other AWS services.

As an AWS Premier Consulting and NexGen Managed Services Partner with competencies in DevOps, big data and security, and specialization in providing continuous compliance and security on cloud, the pharma company relied on SecureKloud to architect a solution.

Leveraging its healthcare/pharma-specific knowledge and cloud transformation experience, SecureKloud proposed to build the AWS Management Plane (foundation for all existing applications) as a unique solution to solve common migration problems, compliance and governance issues and build a faster Cloud Infrastructure.

The client accepted the proposal and agreed to build the Management Plane first to host the new applications and migrate the existing ones.

The SecureKloud team set up a public cloud infrastructure as per the client’s requirements. We were also tasked to handle the development and customization of artefacts (CloudFormation Templates, scripts, code, etc.) used to manage and operate public cloud services and environment including security, network, compliance, and governance controls.

To minimize delays, we followed the Agile Methodology, which gave the client the flexibility to prioritize workloads as per their needs. Our team also developed Service Catalog Items using the Agile Methodology. The Pharma company’s public cloud IT infrastructure now provides internal customers with the following cloud services:

  1. BFE Compute Service Catalogs
  2. BFE Database Service Catalogs
  3. BFE Storage Service Catalog Items
  4. Elastic File System
  5. Serverless Accounts
  6. Dedicated Storage account
  7. Service Catalog
  8. Dedicated Resource Account
  9. ECS/ECR
  10. Enterprise SaaS account
  11. Oregon DR Region
  12. Qualys Sensors – Container Security Module
  13. Exploratory Environment – Sandbox Accounts
  14. Cloud Custodian
  15. S3 version 2
Business Outcomes

The client is now future-ready by laying the foundation for IT innovation

While this transition has had immediate operational benefits such as scalability, agility, data security, etc., it’s the long-term opportunities that are much more exciting for the client. The client now has the flexibility to scale up its operations effortlessly as business needs expand.

Moreover, the newly built cloud platform, leveraging AWS services like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), etc. has digitally transformed the client’s core supply chain, manufacturing, and delivery operations. Some of the other benefits include:

Supports data security, integrity, and compliance
50% reduction in IT costs through cloud platform services
Increased productivity and operational efficiency
Drives innovation and cost efficiencies of its business processes and systems by leveraging AWS artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services

The client wanted to fully harness the power of cloud to fuel their growth, streamline their supply chain services, and scale their business operations.

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