A Leading Canadian Company Chooses CloudEdge for Less DevOps Toil and Best Practices Baked Cloud Architecture

About the client

The client is a leading Canadian company offering a cutting-edge sales-focused Live Chat solution that helps organizations to enhance their buying experience via one-way or two-way video chat, collaborative browsing, etc.

With the AI-powered Live Chat solution, the users can deliver a customized and personalized chat experience for their customers. The client is the tech division of a 15-year industry leader, delivering face-to-face retail sales programs.


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Business Challenge

Lack of in-house DevOps expertise deters the client from efficient management of their cloud environment

The client’s applications were deployed on AWS and used some of the regular set of AWS services like CloudFront Distribution, Route 53, lambda, S3, code commit, code build, and code pipelines. Developed in Node.js and PHP, and backed by MariaDB for the database layer, our client’s applications were running on an Elastic Beanstalk environment in their single AWS account.

While the client had positive engagements with these applications, the lack of AWS security best practices led their applications to run in an immature state. Their infrastructure supporting the application needed refinement to support customer growth and continuously thwart attacks. Moreover, as their applications are public-facing, the lack of security and compliance controls could easily expose them to various web attacks.

Lacking the required in-house DevOps skills, the client was looking for a highly competent DevOps-as-a-Service partner as they were primarily challenged with hiring new DevOps resources.
Our Solution

SecureKloud shoulders DevOps responsibilities with highly automated cloud foundation platform

With the desire to foster good DevOps practices and to free themselves from the complex infrastructure challenges, the client decided to choose SecureKloud’s highly automated, fully secure, and compliant cloud foundation platform, CloudEdge.

Being a one-stop solution for both DevOps automation and meeting all their security and compliance requirements, the platform easily manages infrastructure challenges and enables secure application deployments on cloud.

In order to run the client’s applications on a secure and compliant platform, our team of engineers worked closely with them to rehost their entire application system, including the DevOps pipeline into our CloudEdge platform. We adopted a lift and shift strategy to redeploy all their applications into our environment.

By initiating a phase-wise migration plan, their applications were successfully rehosted in our CloudEdge platform in less than 14 days.

In the first phase, we quickly onboarded the client’s existing AWS account to our CloudEdge platform, and our expert team ensured that the process is hassle-free and smooth. With the platform’s infrastructure automation capabilities, we initiated infrastructure provisioning and created network topologies (VPCs, subnets, etc.).

For the second phase, we executed the application migration from their environment to our platform so that we can run them with the AWS best practices, thereby ensuring comprehensive security for their business-critical applications.

Business Outcomes

Getting the DevOps wheels going with CloudEdge

With CloudEdge, our client experiences a highly automated DevOps service, allowing them to focus more on application development rather than time-intensive infrastructure management, thereby saving time and costs.

The platform’s built-in security and compliance controls guarantee a secure cloud environment to run their applications without the need to hire a dedicated team of DevSecOps experts, which is hard to find and expensive.

Further to simplifying the client’s DevOps process, the CloudEdge platform has delivered business benefits such as:

  • 80% savings in the cloud operation costs through hyper automation
  • 90% quicker go-to-market with a highly automated DevOps lifecycle
  • Optimized security and compliance measures to minimize risks associated with cyber attacks

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