Vulnerability Management Optimized for a Pharmaceutical Giant

About the client

One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, the client is a Swiss-American multinational pharmaceutical corporation based in Basel, Switzerland, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and United States.


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Business Challenge

The client’s primary requirement was to have their IT infrastructure mandated in such a way that their entire cloud resources abide by the IT infrastructure guidelines dictated by industry regulations. Hence it is always very crucial for our clients to be continuously compliant and maintain a non-vulnerable infrastructure.

Our Solution

SecureKloud is already engaged with this organization as their AWS Managed Services partner.

Being part of their AWS journey from the beginning and having vast knowledge of AWS products and services in addition to the domain expertise we hold, the experience helped us understand the business challenges of our clients precisely.

We implemented vulnerability assessment using Qualys to ensure the instances continue to remain hardened.

The assessment is done on all the infrastructure every quarter. Tickets are created and assigned to the concerned owner to fix and close the vulnerability. Our continuous compliance solutions enabled automated monitoring and reporting of non-compliant infrastructure.

Business Outcomes

Our solution helped them to:

  • Consistently maintain AWS resources in a compliant manner
  • Ensure that non-vulnerable software (e.g.) applications, dependencies, and libraries are not installed/deployed on AWS resources

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