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Cloud computing is sweeping across industries and a majority of organizations are moving to the cloud in order to scale and innovate. However, when managed improperly, it can also expose your organization to a wealth of sophisticated cyber threats. With the rising security risks and compliance issues posing a threat to seamless business continuity, there has never been a greater need for a holistic approach to security management.

While cloud operations and strategies keep evolving and so will cyber-attacks, hence, there is a critical need to get your cloud security basics right. As per a recent study, 79% of enterprises want better integrated security and governance for their data in the cloud. It’s no surprise enterprises are focusing on strengthening their cloud security and compliance measures. Are you one among them? But what are the major cloud security and compliance trends to watch for in the next 12 months?

Join us with our panel of thought leaders as they analyze the latest global cloud security and compliance trends, share insights and strategies that can help you implement them. Also, get insights on how to navigate evolving cyber threat issues and improve your enterprise’s security posture. Wherever you are in your cloud journey, if security and compliance are your top concerns, then this webinar is for you!

Topics for discussion

  • Why cloud security and compliance are major concerns in cloud computing?
  • Reduce vulnerabilities associated with cloud adoption
  • Expert insights and best practices to keep pace with the expanding threat landscape
  • Insights on how SecureKloud manages cloud security and compliance in real practice
  • How SecureKloud can prepare enterprises to defend against cyber attacks

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Our Speakers


Housekeeping and what to Expect

Trends on Cloud Security & Compliance

Raj Srinivasaraghavan, CTO SecureKloud Technologies

Panel Discussion: Global Cloud Security and Compliance Trends

Srinivas Mahankali, Chief Business Officer, SecureKloud Technologies

Raj Srinivasaraghavan, CTO, SecureKloud Technologies

Subramanyam Gorti, Founder & CEO, SAI Inti Consulting Services

Post-Event Networking Session


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