About the Client

  • Prominent European – born Biopharmaceutical Company
  • Research intensive, innovation driven organization, with key focus on discovering, developing and commercializing new drugs to treat conditions with substantial unmet curative needs
  • Well established global presence with Affliates in more than 30 countries
  • Market capitalization value over $15Billion

The  Challenge

The Client wanted to have their inscope applications and servers migrated to AWS Cloud, to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. The set-up was required to have with network and security management based upon industry best practices and compliance with standard protocols.

Our Solution

At SecureKloud, we built up a strategic solution to enhance the client’s IT system and research capabilities with our expertise in Cloud Infrastructure and technology.

The Comprehensive Cloud Solution

SecureKloud enhanced the IT operations of the client with a responsive, scalable solution through Cloud Architecture, adept with standardized protocol adherent, HIPAA compliant efficiencies.

Deploying the SecureKloud Technology Expertise

  • Automation of IT service delivery processes which allowed IT to receive, respond and provision cloud-resource requests from the business with high-level security compliance
  • Automated generation of compliance-specific reports for real-time audit support
  • Built-in governance support for IT to easily monitor and govern resources, costs, performance, security, and compliance using user-friendly dashboards
  • Security included next generation firewall capabilities for internetfacing services, database and host
    operating system protection
  • Identity and access management controls are that compatible and integrated with incumbent Identity Management solution

IT is much more than just cold logic. It touches lives.

When a growing Pharmaceutical company with over $15B market capitalization was looking to transform itself into a more nimble organization for growth, their IT leadership looked to the Cloud for a feasible solution. Cloud based infrastructure had the potential to enable IT teams to respond faster to the business requirements but there were many questions to be answered.

Being a pharmaceutical company that invested heavily in bringing new drugs into the market, security and compliance were of utmost importance. The main question was whether stringent security and compliance requirements such as GxP and HIPAA could be met in the cloud and if so, what was the best way to meet them. Also, cloud technology being relatively new, especially to the pharmaceutical vertical, there were concerns around finding the right infrastructure, technology, and solution partners.

SecureKloud Solution:

SecureKloud had demonstrated a track record of successful cloud transformations for multiple fortune 500 companies and had a deep understanding of GxP, HIPAA and other relevant compliance requirements. Moreover, their cloud approach was based on the Cloud EzRx framework, that was not only repeatable but also encompassed all the stages of IT life cycle management – provisioning, operations, incident management, change management, and service management with built-in security and compliance. It also helped that SecureKloud came with a unique blend of skills in application development, network security, identity and access management, and AWS.

How we did it

SecureKloud identified the potential drivers and key success factors for the biopharmaceutical company’s IT set-up, through a thorough audit of the client infrastructure. SecureKloud’ on-site and off-shore resources developed an IT Business Transformation Roadmap, complying with which a qualified cloud-environment was built and deployed for the client.

GxP Compliant Cloud Environment

  • Automated IT service delivery processes for receiving cloud-resource business requests
  • Quick response setup designed to provision business requests with security and compliance in place
  • Automated report generation for real-time audit support
  • Built-in IT governance support with cost and resource monitoring and performance and security audit features
  • Next generation firewall capabilities for internet-facing services with database and host operating system protection
  • Identity and access management controls with integrated incumbent Identity Management solution

The Business Impact

  • Successful migration of an entire data center, of an acquired life-sciences company was accomplished in four weeks, as against several months with traditional data center set ups, saved time and enhanced cost-cutting for the Client
  • The comprehensive cloud infrastructure enabled the Client’s IT team to respond faster to business requests on existing services and continuous addition of new services that aligned with business growth goals
  • As a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company with a global presence, the Client developed a credible and established platform to partners with innovative technologies or products, backed up by its flexible and repeatable AWS based IT Architecture

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