Cloud Cost Optimization Services

The right Cloud optimization partner can reduce your ongoing
cloud operational cost without compromising on continuous
security and compliance


What is Cloud Cost Optimization?

Cloud cost optimization is all about analyzing your resource usage, assign right resources for a workload, sizing them to meet the demand and enabling it to meet the security and compliances in a phased manner Cloud provides the organization with limitless scalability but with right cloud optimization strategy you can reduce IT cost by only charging for the resource you use. AWS and Microsoft azure charge the cloud customers for the total number of resources they order even if some resources are not used. As per the recent report by Gartner analysts Brandon Medford and Craig Lowery 70% of the cloud costs are wasted.

Why we Need Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud operation challenges faced by the enterprises and how we help you overcome them are listed below:

  • Transparency - Transparency is the key to achieving the full benefits of cloud. We, at SecureKloud, identify the poorly managed or unutilized resources and come up with customized solutions to manage cloud focusing on the aspects of cost optimization, security, and availability based on enterprise needs
  • Governance - Usually, the user side of the cloud follows specific procedures to ensure compliance measures and have no governance over the cloud vendor's side. We, at SecureKloud, know that the cloud shares the responsibility of both sides to maintain a compliant environment and take the required steps to achieve continuous compliance
  • Predictability - Efficient cloud utilization is possible only by staying aware of cloud consumption. Based on usage, we identify opportunities to reserve cloud resources in advance so they could avail of higher discounts. Also, we perform right-sizing of the cloud resources and configure them to scale seamlessly to achieve cloud optimization

It is extremely important to ensure that the usage and costs move in line with demand dynamically. At SecureKloud, we help our customers to assign the right resources for a workload, sizing them to meet the demand and enabling it to meet the security and compliances in a phased manner that factors in the above. We are preferred partners of the major cloud providers - Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) Premier partner and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and holds strong competence in Microsoft Azure solutions. .

How SecureKloud Perform the Cloud Cost Assessment ?

At SecureKloud we perform the following during this phase:

  • Assess the current Cloud infrastructure for any existing or potential cost leaks leading to performance audits and recommendations as per the industry best practices to minimize cost without compromising the data and application security

  • Assess the existing cloud architecture and usage pattern in any of the public cloud like AWS, Azure or GCP to understand if they are optimally designed and utilized. We dive deep into these public cloud resources to perform the required cost analysis using out-of-box cost management tools from respective public cloud services to identify opportunities to optimize for high availability, scalability, security and ongoing cloud usage cost

  • These assessments are done based on the knowledge we have acquired over a decade and based on the recommended best practices and standards to leverage the cloud resources and services to ensure cloud cost optimization, continuous security, continuous compliance and high availability

  • Apart from the above, we also analyse and recommend utilizing public cloud partner programs from the respective cloud vendors to avail monetary benefits or credits to add more value to the cloud services

Cloud Cost Optimization Tools
Cloud Cost Optimization Services

Cloud Cost Implementation Phase

The CoE team reviews the findings from the assessments and discusses it along with the customer on the options and possible solutions to optimize the cloud and the cost. While doing so the CoE team will keep in mind about the customer 's cloud infrastructure goals of prior to implementation.

The entire cloud cost optimization process will be based on four major factors:

Cloud expenditure analysis


Design optimization and Cost-Effective Resources

Policy enforcement -Tagging and automation

Cloud Optimization over a period

Cloud Cost Optimization
Cloud Cost Optimization Services

Steps in implementing Cloud cost optimization

  • 24/7 Cloud Cost Support

    24/7 Cloud Support with 99.8 Availability & DR management support

  • Real Time Monitoring

    Real Time Monitoring ⚊ Anomalies, Behaviour Intrusion & Traffic Flow

  • Automation

    Automation - Backups, Recovery, Instance & Container management

  • ITIL Management

    ITIL Management Process for Incident, Problem, Change & Deployment request handling

  • Audits on Security and Compliances

    Periodical Audits on Security, Compliance, performance and Cost of the cloud deployments


When you choose the right Managed Service Provider (MSP) for Cloud optimization can be part of the default instead of on demand service, by choosing the Cloud Managed Service provider, you not only reduce Cloud cost but manage the cloud resources efficiently. MSP partner allows you to focus more on the core business objectives and organizational goals without being weighed down infrastructure related liabilities.

When you and your business teams strive towards driving profits, SecureKloud as your cloud partner can be an extended Cloud team that will complement you with the right Cloud solutions, services and strategies for you to reap the maximum business benefits.

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Cloud Cost Optimization

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We have been looking for someone to help us with FedRamp certification and SecureKloud was the right team to do this with. The team is very responsive and have helped us analyse our AWS infrastructure in a very methodical manner. Discussions and engagement activities have been to the point and the team is knowledgeable and ready to help with any questions.

Atul Ahuja

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Very professional and extremely responsive multi skilled team to take on any cloud related project in AWS. The first level team is backed by a strong experienced team.

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