Gain intelligent observability for your cloud powered by AI and automation 

Continuous audit every 

30 minutes


Guaranteed uptime 

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Ensure uninterrupted business continuity with Cloud Monitoring Services

Proactively manage and monitor the performance and availability of your cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and user experience. By leveraging monitoring as a service in cloud computing, you can easily evaluate the uptime and health of your digital assets.

Powered by AI-based monitoring and diagnostics tools, our 24/7 cloud monitoring services help you gain improved visibility, predict potential risks, and identify anomalies on time before they impact your business continuity.

Why Choose
Cloud Monitoring Services

24/7 hybrid cloud and multi-cloud monitoring 

Faster troubleshooting of issues 

Automated infrastructure monitoring with CloudEdge 

Performance visualization using dashboards 

Instant threat alerts 

Enhanced security and compliance 

Losing visibility of your cloud infrastructure?

Our Portfolio of Cloud Monitoring Services

Cloud cost monitoring

Ensure your cloud spend is under control by optimizing the usage of cloud resources. 

Cloud security and compliance monitoring

Identify vulnerabilities and potential threats by conducting continuous security scans and assessments. 

Database Monitoring

Monitor processes, queries, availability, and consumption of your cloud database resources. 

Cloud Network monitoring

Detect and resolve network issues in real-time to attain increased network efficiency and minimized downtime. 

Infrastructure Monitoring

Optimize your infrastructure with a unified view of your infrastructure’s health and performance. 

Cloud Server Monitoring

Gain complete visibility of your server environment to maintain high levels of availability and performance of the applications and services. 

Cloud application monitoring

Evaluate application availability and performance, and get quick support to troubleshoot and fix the root cause issues in your application's environment.

User Experience Monitoring

Get real-time visibility to curate data on performance metrics such as page load time, error rates, and drop-off rates for cloud-based applications and services. 

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Continuous auditing and assessment of overall compliance

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Continuous auditing and assessment of overall compliance

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Reduced Infrastructure monitoring expenses

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Eliminated multiple DoS attacks

Increased the uptime of the application

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