How SecureKloud Transforms Global Bio-pharma Workloads with the Cloud Factory Model

Executive Summary

SecureKloud's Cloud Factory Model revolutionized a leading biopharmaceutical company's IT landscape by seamlessly migrating applications to AWS, ensuring enhanced data security and compliance. The solution enabled cost optimization, robust security measures, and high-performance computing for clinical pharmacological workloads, driving a 7% revenue growth and empowering teams with secure platforms.

About the client

The client is a leading biopharmaceutical company that specializes in the development and commercialization of innovative medicines. With a deep commitment to advancing the field of medicine, the client strives to improve the lives of patients around the world. Their groundbreaking treatments for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and other diseases showcase their dedication to scientific excellence. With a focus on research and development, the pharma company strives to create life-saving therapies and make a significant impact on global healthcare.


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Cloud Transformations

Business Challenge

Innovating within the pharmaceutical sector, the client, grappled with vast data volumes from lab experiments and trials using traditional IT methods. To expedite operations, they sought a proficient partner for a cloud technology transition ensuring enhanced data security, identity-managed access, and industry protocol compliance. The client's primary challenge revolved around migrating their in-scope applications and servers to the AWS Cloud. Their objective was to optimize costs and enhance operational efficiencies. The new setup necessitated robust network infrastructure and security management aligned with industry best practices and compliance with standard protocols.

Our Solution - SecureKloud's Cloud Factory Model

In response to the stringent requisites of the pharmaceutical industry, SecureKloud introduced the Cloud Factory Model to provide the client with a highly secure cloud solution. This model boasted cutting-edge security features encompassing advanced capabilities for internet-facing services, a fortified database structure, and robust host operating system protections. Additionally, it provided Identity and Access Management controls to ensure comprehensive data security. The Cloud Factory Model enabled the client to scale their operations, comply with industry regulations, and leverage high- performance computing for clinical pharmacological workloads, deep learning, and MLOps.

Setting Up the Cloud Factory Model

  • Conducted comprehensive client infrastructure audit.
  • Developed an IT Business Transformation Roadmap for the client's future strategies.
  • Deployed a qualified cloud environment using SecureKloud's on-site and offshore resources.
  • Facilitated application and server migration process.
  • Implemented robust security measures and access control on AWS platform.
  • Enabled CloudEdge to offer 1-click deployment of various use cases, including the creation of HPC clusters on AWS andempowering users in deep learning. These deployments followed industry best practices, such as role-based accesscontrol, tag enforcement, and chargeback mechanisms.
  • Established the CloudEdge framework to cover all stages of the IT lifecycle, including provisioning, operations, incident and change management, and service management.

Migrating to the Cloud Deploying SecureKloud Technology Expertise

Automated IT Service Delivery

We implemented automated processes for seamless receipt, response, and provisioning of cloud resources, ensuring high-level security compliance standards.

Real-time Compliance Reporting

SecureKloud's solution automated compliance-specific report generation, providing instant audit support for regulatory adherence.

Built-in Governance Framework

We introduced a comprehensive governance framework with user-friendly dashboards for effortless monitoring and governance of resources, costs, performance, and security.

Robust Security Measures

To strengthen internet-facing services, databases, and operating systems, we fortified next-generation firewall capabilities, ensuring comprehensive protection against security threats.

Integrated Identity Management

SecureKloud seamlessly integrated their identity and access controls with the client's existing identity management solution, enabling secure access to critical data while maintaining a smooth user experience.

Business Outcomes

The comprehensive cloud infrastructure provided the following benefits to the client:

  • Transitioned SecureKloud's AWS-based HPC cluster from an upfront investment to a cost-saving Pay-as-you-go model.
  • Prepared for future growth with a record-breaking pipeline of 14 programs in Phase 3 or Phase 3 ready, along with a noteworthy 5% increase in R&D.
  • Achieved a 7% full-year revenue growth and significant double-digit growth in non-GAAP diluted earnings per ADS, demonstrating robust financial performance.
  • Empowered business teams with secure and compliant platforms for running compute-intensive data analytics workloads.
  • Ensured data segregation and protection through role-based access control and session management for HPC platform users.
  • Enabled users to access elastic compute and GPU clusters that scale up and down as needed, resulting in substantial cost savings.
  • Integrated HPC deployment and customization with a robust CI/CD pipeline, driven by IaaC and extensive automation.

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