Reimagining Health Tech Intelligent Care With SecureKloud's Cloud Managed Services

Published date : Feb 2024

Executive Summary

The case study shows how health tech solutions management was optimized with cloud managed services to gain business continuity for one of India's leading Intelligent healthcare solutions companies.

About the client

Client is working towards combining the power of technology with healthcare for exceptional patient care. Solving the problem of misdiagnosis in the diagnostic services industry by developing an AI-powered SaaS platform that will aid the radiologists while reporting scans. The platform will detect the abnormalities, quantifying the severity, and provide a report that can be used as a second opinion or as the first line of testing in low resource settings.

Growing into a national provider, the company remains focused on persistently improving, expanding its geographic footprint, and most importantly boosting customer experience.


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Cloud Transformations

Customer Challenge

Client was not able to perform the regular releases as they got errors during service executions for services like Pipeline, Code Commit and S3. While doing the execution of build stage by Neos team they are getting the error like code build limit exceeded the account. While they are trying to access code build and S3 is getting Access denied error.

To meet this goal, they were on the lookout for an experienced cloud managed service provider with strong expertise in managing both their infrastructure and applications.

They were looking for assistance in:

  • Release Pipeline
  • Code Commit streamline
  • Reporting
  • Testing

The client wanted to fully harness the power of the cloud to fuel their growth, streamline their Health tech services, and scale their business operations.

Our Solution

As a cloud-native digital transformation enabler with premium partnerships with major cloud providers, SecureKloud was well-positioned to manage their cloud environment, ensuring minimal to zero service disruption. The client was particularly impressed with our professionalism and stringent SLAs to ensure scalability, agility, and performance.

Our role was to successfully provide round-the-clock technical support and make sure their logistics applications are up 24/7.

Given the challenges around the nature of their business, where there was no room for business disruptions or loss of accessibility, we had to adopt an agile approach.

Our time-tested cloud managed services ensured that the client's cloud environment is operating at maximum efficiency without experiencing any server downtime.

Upon detailed analysis of the customer Infrastructure, SecureKloud requested the AWS support team to increase the quota for the number of concurrent builds for the AWS code build. AWS Team confirms with us regarding abnormal activity in the AWS account that matches the pattern of unauthorized access.

This activity is related to the AWS Access Key, which may indicate that this Access Key and the corresponding Secret Key are compromised. So, AWS blocked services from their end.

SecureKloud indexed compromised AWS Access Key and replaced it with the new access key to secure the account. Also, the new access credentials is updated in AWS Secret manager and configuration file in EKS server level. We identifed that customer has hard coded the AWS access and secret keys in code level and also one of the services uses a role instead of access key and secret key. So, in code level we have added the new access key and secret key instead of old access key and secret key.

In EKS we have changed the access and secret key to use the correct one and deleted the old one and then redeployed service.

We reach out to the AWS support team and explain that the compromised access key and secret key have been deleted. Instead, we replaced them with a new access key and secret key to unblock the services. With SecureKloud's cloud managed services, the client gained control over its cloud environment, implemented modern scalable cloud applications, and is on track for more streamlined operations.

Results and Benefits

By leveraging SecureKloud's distinct cloud managed services, the client is able to stay ahead of customers' growing expectations and prepare themselves for expansion opportunities.

The major business benefits achieved are:

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency
  • A well-monitored environment, providing greater visibility
  • Consistent service and support levels
  • 24/7/365 incident response and resolution
  • Reliable and secured AWS Cloud Infrastructure
  • Real-time support with minimal downtime
  • Streamlined Release pipeline with enhanced security