SecureKloud Profile :

SecureKloud, an Advanced Consulting Partner headquartered in San Ramon, CA is a cloud solution and services company holding both the Managed Services, Lifesciences and Healthcare competencies. SecureKloud has expertise in the design, deployment, automation and management of complex AWS infrastructures with a focus on providing secure cloud solutions for HIPAA, GxP and PCI compliant workloads in the healthcare, life sciences, and ecommerce industries. Our customer engagements are driven by synergetic combination of our automation framework, deep expertise gathered with 350+ customer engagements at various levels through domain specific acquisitions and 100+ certified consultants.

Customer Profile :

Customer is a multibillion dollar NASDAQ listed enterprise, leading provider of advanced location-based solutions that maximize productivity and enhance profitability. The company integrates its positioning expertise in GPS, laser, optical and inertial technologies with application software, wireless communications, and services to provide complete commercial solutions. They serve a variety of industries including agriculture, engineering and construction, transportation and wireless communications infrastructure. Their products are used in 150+ countries around the world with over 1,100 patents for their broadest positioning solutions portfolio in the industry.

Problem :

Client was looking to transform their Enterprise business, develop innovative solutions, and rapidly introduce new products to market at low costs. They were also looking for a cloud partner that could help them with their Enterprise transformation to the Cloud. It was of utmost importance that this partner would work as an extended team with proven technical acumen, ensuring all Cloud controls and maintaining best practices. They also required proactive 24×7 monitoring, SysOps, DevOps and management of their cloud infrastructure. AWS was chosen as the Cloudplatform for this transformation whereas SecureKloud was their ultimate choice because of its unique and extensive expertise in AWS Managed Services, advanced automation and DevOps capabilities.

SecureKloud Solution for the Client:

SecureKloud offers the following as part of the Enterprise Cloud Managed Services to this customer:

SecureKloud Cloud Managed Services

SecureKloud was involved in architecture, design and management of the following in AWS for this particular customer:

Platform :

SecureKloud engineering worked with customer to build platforms on AWS to accelerate Go-To Market of their products and also managed them.

Security :

SecureKloud designed and managed customer VPC with VPC Flow logs, Cloud Trail and AWS Config logs, Lambda events on AWS Config, IAM policies and security group rules to control access flow, VPC endpoints, S3 buckets with server-side encryption, bucket policies, archival through glacier, SIEM with Sumo Logic, multiple VPCs with peering.On top of this, SecureKloud provided Artificial intelligence systems and machine learning for Continuous Security, EC2/RDS Anomaly detections, ENI Behavior modelling, IPS/IDS, VPC Flow log Analysis, Behavior Intrusion Threats on Logs for cloud operations.

Scalability :

SecureKloud designed and managed Auto scaling with Lifecycle rules, ELB for internal/external load balancing, MongoDB Highly available- replicated shards, Kafka for stream/events processing and Scalable content delivery using Cloud Front.

DevOps/Sys Ops :

Cloud Formation based environment provisioning, Code Commit/Codedeploy, AWS Lambda on AWS Config and Cloud Watch events, Mesos based Jobs for backups, recovery and routine operational tasks.

Cost optimization :

SecureKloud made innovative use of Spot EC2 instances intro their platform which brought cost savings around ~55%, Reserved Instances and deployed automated Continuous cost optimization agents to reduce cost leakages.

Performance optimization :

SecureKloud continuously worked with SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB and Kafka on customer production environments for migration, performance improvements, rebalancing and tuning. In addition to the above, SecureKloud constantly evaluated latest products like ECS, EFS, Aurora, Service Templates etc introduced by AWS and recommended them whenever needed to customer

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