About the Client

SecureKloud Radio is a unique, live digital radio for the Tamil-speaking community in the US. It is a part of the SecureKloud Media Group which is a leading Media Holding that targets to unite highly fragmented South Asian media market. SecureKloud Radio can be conveniently downloaded as an App for Android and iOS, as well as accessed via web in three time zones: Eastern, Central and Pacific. In fact, SecureKloud Radio was airing 24/7 and was hosting applications on Colocation Data Center.

The Challenge

The Live streaming programs, On-demand programs, Shows, Events and RJ information constantly keeps changing on the SecureKloud Radio web sites and mobile applications for iPhone and Android.

Understanding of the customer appeal towards different content sections/items is very important. It is also important that in the highly competitive streaming media industry that content had to be constantly adjusted based on user feedback, to maximize user appeal. However the programme team did not have the reports and analysis in place to achieve this. They wanted to get insights on the users and effectiveness of the web site and mobile apps design.

The challenge remained in understanding and interpreting the huge log data to identify (1) New/Existing Users analysis, (2) Geo location analysis, (3) Overall/Section/Item wise clicks and (4) Click Path Analysis.

Why Redshift

The solution required a huge scalable Data Warehouse to store the pre-processed and aggregated User and Click data for one point access to Analysts and BI Developers. They were required to work extensively with the Click Data and their prior experience with RDBMS was strong. They were much comfortable using Advanced SQL supporting analytical functions.

Amazon Redshift is a fast and fully Managed Data Warehouse solution. Setting up Redshift is effortless and its support for efficient SQL with Window functions satisfies the above needs for the different users. Execution time for SQLs are very fast. Redshift supported wide range of Analytics Tools. For this solution, Tableau is used by the BI developers to develop BI Reports and integrate with the Web Application. Further, with existing environment already based on AWS platform, it made sense to use Amazon Redshift with above mentioned benefits as the Data Warehouse.

Our Solution

Logs from Amazon CloudFront and Amazon ELB are used for ClickData calculations. User information and application log data are also moved once in a day from the production environment and stored in a separate reduced redundant storage S3.

Through a pipeline, data is filtered and required information is stored in Redshift Data Warehouse. Aggregations are performed and KPIs are calculated and stored.

Tableau is used for BI Reports/Visualization.

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