HIPAA/GxP Compliance with Azure

As the first company to assess GxP Compliance in MS Azure Cloud Platform, SecureKloud has proven experience in empowering Life Sciences customers with continuous compliance. Now we are backing more than 1000+ HIPAA/GxP Compliant environments for industry leading healthcare and pharma giants across the globe.

Being a specialized Life Sciences Microsoft Expert, SecureKloud has effortlessly combined its immense HIPAA/GxP compliance know-how to the Azure cloud. Life Sciences enterprises that includes Pharma, Healthcare, Medical Devices that are subject to stern regulatory compliance may benefit from Azure’s Cloud Platform along with the promise of Continuous Compliance and Security through SecureKloud’ cutting edge HIPAA/GxP managed services & solutions.

Benefits of SecureKloud’ HIPAA/GxP Managed Services & Solutions:

Developing, migrating, maintaining and supporting your business applications in Azure can be intricate. Ensuring continuous HIPAA/GxP Compliance throughout the voyage further increases the intricacy.

Our team of Azure-certified engineers and HIPAA/GxP compliant SMEs can help you overcome these challenges. SecureKloud can be your end-to-end Cloud Solution Partner, as our services & solutions ranges from setting up your Azure environment to meet your HIPAA/GxP Compliance needs to manage it 24/7 to ensure that your Azure environment remains HIPAA/GxP Compliant. Our Continuous HIPAA/GxP Compliant Cloud Foundational Services for Azure includes a comprehensive suite of Security, Automation and Support features build to specifically address the HIPAA and GxP standards.

Fully-loaded Compliant Features

Comprises all the essential security and regulatory required for HIPAA/GxP. This includes threat observation platform, incident response, accountability & identity access management solution, contingency plan, security & perimeter solutions etc.,

Automation and DevOps

Powered by combination of Machine Learning and Rules Engine SecureKloud Cloud Solution can predict, identify, heal and operate in automated mode. This guarantees Continuous Compliance and Continuous Security.

Reduce Error & Cost

We recognize what components of Azure are supported/unsupported in a HIPAA/GxP environment and how to implement them to meet the HIPAA/GxP standards. Accordingly, we have pre-engineered our HIPAA/GxP Compliant Cloud Solution which ensures zero errors and avoiding serious penalties.

ISTM Integration

Serves as a single console to manage all your cloud operations. Self-Service, Service Catalog, ITIL based Service strategy adds muscle to your Cloud infrastructure.

You are just a step away from Continuous HIPAA/GxP Compliant on Azure!

Our HIPAA/GxP SMEs & Azure Architects would be happy to assist you. Fill this form to know more about SecureKloud’ Fully Managed HIPAA/GxP Compliant Cloud solution with Azure.

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