About the Client

  • Leading Global Specialty Biopharmaceutical Company
  • Headquartered in Ireland with a vast operational base in US
  • Market capitalization value over $45Billion
  • Prime areas of focus include Neuroscience, Rare Diseases, Gastrointestinal and Internal Medicines

The Challenge

The Client wanted to have their inscope applications and servers migrated to AWS Cloud, to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. The set-up was required to have with network and security management based upon industry best practices and compliance with standard protocols.

Our Solution

At SecureKloud, we engineered a strategic solution to enhance the client’s IT system with our expertise in Cloud Infrastructure and technology.

The Cloud Factory Model

To optimize IT operations with enhanced data access and security controls, SecureKloud came up with a responsive, scalable solution through Cloud Architecture, complete with standardized protocol adherent, security compliant efficiencies.

Migrating to the CloudDeploying the SecureKloud Technology Expertise

  • Automation of IT service delivery processes which allowed IT to receive, respond and provision cloud-resource requests from the business with high-level security compliance
  • Automated generation of compliance-specific reports for real-time audit support
  • Built-in governance support for IT to easily monitor and govern resources, costs, performance, security, and compliance using user-friendly dashboards
  • Security included next generation firewall capabilities for internetfacing services, database and host operating system protection
  • Identity and access management controls are that compatible and integrated with incumbent Identity Management solution

Can technology touch millions of lives? It can

The Client, a leader in research capabilities and business innovation in the pharmaceutical industry, was handling huge volumes of data from iterative laboratory experiments and clinical trials, through traditional IT processes with on-premise data centers. On realizing the need to accelerate its IT operations, the client was looking for a reliable, efficient technology partner to handhold the organization in upgrading to Cloud technology with enhanced data security, Identity Managed Secure Access to critical data and compliance to Pharmaceutical industry protocols. Ultimately, the client collaborated with SecureKloud to benefit from the latter’s deep expertise and experience in Cloud technology.

SecureKloud Solution: The Cloud Factory Model

With due sensitivity to the requirements and practices of the Pharmaceutical industry, SecureKloud proposed the Cloud Factory model, for delivering a high security Cloud Solution to the Client. The Cloud Factory Model was intact with advanced security capabilities for internet-facing services, a secure database structure and efficient host operating system protections with Identity and Access Management controls.

How we did it

The GxP Compliant Cloud Environment, designed with Robust Security Event collection, Data Correlation and Monitoring capabilities, allowed automation of IT service delivery processes. This enabled the IT-IS system to receive, respond and provision cloud-resource requests from the business with high level protocol and security adherence.


  • Conducted a complete audit of the client infrastructure
  • Developed an IT Business Transformation Roadmap for the Client
  • SecureKloud’ on-site and offshore resources built and deployed a qualified cloud environment
  • Mobilized Application and Sever migration
  • Enabled Security and Access Control implementation on AWS
  •  Institutionalized CloudEzRx framework, encompassing all stages of IT life cycle management: provisioning, operations, incident and change management and service management

The Business Impact

  • The strategic instantiation of an HPC cluster within the AWS infrastructure developed by SecureKloud, converted    a multimillion-dollar upfront investment into a Pay-as-you-go model, led to large cost savings
  • The comprehensive cloud infrastructure enabled the Client’s IT team to respond faster to business requests on existing services and continuous addition of new services that aligned with business growth goals
  • Client declares to be positioned for future growth with most robust pipeline in its history – with 14 programs, in either Phase 3 or Phase 3 ready. R&D goes up by 5%
  • Client records full year revenue, growth in total revenue by 7% and strong and strong double digit growth in Non GAAP  diluted earnings per ADS

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