Hackers attack and continue to be hostile to many organizations. Despite all security measures like regular vulnerability tests, deployment of encryption technology, etc., today’s organizations are highly prone to IT security breaches. It’s high time to strategize and anticipate a defense mechanism to protect their system and data. Nowadays, many organizations are turning their eye to Multi Factor Authentication or MFA for securing their complex and nexus environment. In this blog, we will discuss the top 4 best practices to be followed while implementing the MFA solution.

  1. 360Degree Approach : To strategize a successful implementation of Multi Factor Authentication, the organization must visualize and cover all end & access points such as Cloud / On-premise, Server, Active Directories, managed services, etc. This end-to-end approach helps enterprise to secure it from unauthorized access, password-based cyber-attacks & data breaches.
  2. Ensure Consistency : Don’t be one of the countless number of startups who show agile interest in implementing MFA but fail to be consistent in terms of following industry standard protocols when implementing security across cloud components.
  3. Deploy MFA right : Hackers have a cognizance towards cyber-attack chains such as active directory login and privilege elevation from remote network access. These networks are vulnerable and become easy prey for hackers to gain unauthorized access. Hence, when an organization plans to implement MFA, they should deploy MFA to remote network access for distributed employees and business partners across all servers.
  4. Choose the right product : When deciding to implement an MFA solution, it’s vital to choose the right product for your organization. The organization needs to critically evaluate the factors like scalability, security, user experience, cost of deployment & support and ease of customization.

The above best practices when followed diligently, ensures the road to success in your security journey. Get to know SecureKloud CloudAuth offered as MFA-as-a-Service, a 360-degree Multi-Factor Authentication solution with the convenience of cloud-based & on-premise service. CloudAuth provides robust capabilities for advanced authentication with one of the combinations such as Legacy SMS OTP, Email OTP, Face Recognition or Finger print which few other products give its customers in the market. SecureKloud CloudAuth can help organizations maintain business agility with a theft free solution while simultaneously minimizing administrative overhead. Learn More about CloudAuth – Multi-factor Authentication-as-a-Service