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Table of Contents

SecureKloud Partners with Cross Identity to Power Zero Trust Provisioning on Public Cloud

New partnerships formed. New pathways unlocked.

SecureKloud enters into a partnership with Cross Identity, a rapidly growing SMB and mid-market Converged Identity & Access Management Platform.

With the vision of powering zero trust provisioning on public cloud services, this partnership will provide SMBs and mid-market companies with Identity-First Zero Trust Security.  

For over 14 years, we have been a leading Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) MSSP that has helped our customers stay ahead of the cloud growth curve with our battle-proven cloud platforms. We are also offering Security-as-a-Service platforms to our customers.

Hence joining hands with Cross Identity has been a significant step in our journey to becoming a more notable and leading MSSP.  

Through this partnership, SecureKloud’s Fully Managed Cloud Foundation Platform, CloudEdge, has been seamlessly integrated with Cross Identity, enabling customers to leverage the customer’s cloud experience with more ease and security.

What this partnership means to you  

With the new partnership between SecureKloud and Cross Identity, you can expect to:

  • Improve and strengthen security
  • Simplify IT and cybersecurity operations
  • Enhance user experience throughout your organization

Hear it from the leaders!

Commenting on this development, Anand Kumar, Chief Revenue Officer at SecureKloud Technologies, said, “SecureKloud has been providing industry-leading IaC modules for over a decade now. But we want to give our customers more—and after careful research, ready and proven Security-as-a-Service Service platforms will further enable customers to secure themselves, streamline IT and cybersecurity operations, and improve the user experience across their organizations. Cross Identity is perfect for SMBs and mid-market companies looking to adopt Identity-First Zero Trust Security. Partnering with this vendor was a savvy move because these guys are offering value on top of value to SMBs and mid-market customers.”

With the recent partnership, Mr. Nitaant Singh, a Brand Strategist for Cross Identity, commented, “Cross Identity is about more than just selling a great IAM product to an underserved market. We hope to pioneer an industry transformation where customers are not seen as just winners but as vulnerable entities with real challenges and pains. Our brand and value proposition have the core ideals of customer centricity, continuous improvement, constant R&D and innovation, and creating and maintaining customer and partner relationships through which all involved parties can grow into flourishing enterprises (and people). As such, partnering with SecureKloud is a privilege because these guys have great values and are astute about SMB and mid-market needs.”

As new gateways are unlocked, we look forward to the exciting developments in the evolving landscape of MSPs and MSSPs, and small and mid-market-focused Software-as-a-Service vendors, that have the potential to deliver high-end security to organizations of all sizes.

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Sreedevi R

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