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Top 5 Ways Cloud Security Managed Services Make a Difference

The shortest answer is – yes! Your cloud-based business needs a fool-proof cloud security setup to ensure that the business stays uninterrupted. Cloud is a hot investment for enterprises due to its ability to maximize productivity and minimize IT spend. But when security breaches eat up most of the investment, the cloud’s highlight factors tumble down to zilch. In fact, without proper security, the very use of cloud becomes questionable.

Having said that, cloud cost management is only the tip of a giant iceberg. With sophisticated and advanced security threats surfacing every day, your business requires ‘continuous’ cloud security to prevent hacker sharks lurking on the dark side from invading their cloud.

Wondering why your business needs Managed Cloud Security Services? But before that,  we need to understand what makes it imperative. Let’s look at the top cloud security concerns faced by enterprises today. According to Statista, the top security threats faced by businesses are reportedly:

• Data loss and leakage (69%)

• Data privacy/confidentiality (66%)

• Accidental exposure of credentials (44%)

And there is more! Manually watching these security breaches is not only time-consuming and unproductive but also practically impossible.  But thanks to automation, continuous security monitoring is now possible without the need for human intervention, and an experienced cloud security managed services provider will be able to set up automated security monitoring and provide 24/7 technical support as a backup. Also, with constant management, you can easily detect security threats even before they occur, thereby ensuring business continuity.

Understanding Cloud Security Managed Services

Cloud Security Managed Services, often known as Managed Cloud Security Services, is part of the broader Cloud Managed Services wing and takes care of an organization’s security monitoring, reporting, automation, and technical support, usually backed by a dedicated team provided by the service provider.

Cloud security managed services often include intrusion detection, monitoring the company’s VPN (Virtual Private Network), firewall management, anti-virus configuration, and periodic vulnerability testing.

Why are businesses hesitant to use Cloud Security Managed Services?

Though Cloud security services aid internal teams to focus on vital business functions than on securing cloud data, most enterprises are still hesitant to subscribe to it due to information confidentiality and data privacy concerns.

“22% of organizations assess their cloud security posture manually, which not only drains security resources, but also leaves room for human error in their assessments.”

(Source: Expert Insights)

Internally managing cloud security has other concerns as well. Staffing, infrastructure set-up, hardware implementation expenses, software licensing, and management costs are some of the top challenges. Then comes the knowledge and 24/7 technical support requirements to counter when threats like DoS (Denial of Service) or DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) happen.

Cloud Security Managed Services – how does it make a difference?

Truth be told, cyber threats are only one part of the Cloud security challenge. Apart from hacker threats and security breaches, you also need to consider security and compliance factors to gain full benefits from the cloud. An experienced Cloud Managed Services provider will not only add value by providing technical and infrastructural support for your cloud but will also have the necessary expertise and skills to keep up with the ever-changing industry regulations. Now, let’s delve into the major benefits resulting from cloud security managed services and the reasons why it should be an imperative choice for your cloud-based business.

Ensures governance & compliance – With industry regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and others policing cloud network security, internal security teams might not have the updated training or experience to keep up with the latest industry requirements. Cloud security managed service providers possess updated knowledge of security and compliance regulations, often with a dedicated team of industry experts.

Prevents security misconfigurations – Internal security staff might compromise network security through misconfigurations if they don’t have the right skill set to diagnose threats. In some cases, malicious files can be tagged as safe exposing the cloud network to hackers. An experienced cloud security service can detect and dissolve such threats, through periodic assessments & tests.

Expertise in multi-cloud administration – Managing multi-cloud environments needs significant expertise, especially while working with different cloud ecosystems and CSPs (Cloud Service Providers). Equipping internal teams with this knowledge requires heavy investment in research, development, and training. With a cloud security service provider, this expertise comes with the team, along with technical support.

Reduces effort and time due to automation – Once your network gets configured to best practices, there is a reduced dependence on human efforts, which minimizes the time spent and costs for cloud security management. Continuous monitoring with a combination of automation and cloud security experts enhances the security posture while reducing the risk of error.

Data protection – With cloud security managed services, your sensitive data is well protected as a result of real-time threat detection and 24×7 monitoring. From highly confidential business data to financial and customer data, it is highly imperative to secure the data across multiple environments by enabling complete visibility into all user activities. With proactive defense, you can easily identify and mitigate risks should an incident occur.

In a nutshell, cloud security should ideally be an integral part of every business’ cloud strategy in order to sustain and thrive in today’s cut-throat innovation-centric market. With an experienced cloud security managed service provider, cloud-based businesses can enhance and strengthen their security posture, along with improved productivity, higher performance, and bigger cloud savings, to say the least.


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