About the Client

Our client is an infrastructure hosting service provider tailored to secure global law firms’, corporate legal departments’ and litigation service providers’ data. They also provide proper chain-of-custody documentation for all physical media shipped to their global data centres to ensure the integrity of the evidence.

Security is of paramount importance for our customer as they deal with securing their Clients’ critical business files. They have about 35 years of experience in managing enormous amounts of legal industry data at nine different data centres globally


  • The customer was looking to build a disaster recovery solution that could be automated, audited and offer the required elasticity for an infrastructure of any scale and nature
  • As a part of the overall disaster recovery strategy, the customer was planning to implement heterogeneous multitenant environment in a public cloud environment to secure the data while maintaining the data integrity across their data centers
  • The customer, being in legal business, was looking for a hosting partner who readily meets data compliance requirement and the infrastructure natively

Our Solution

  • SecureKloud has provided the customer with a solution architecture that delivers a robust heterogeneous multitenant environment in public cloud for their existing data centers solution satisfying the disaster recovery needs of the customer
  • SecureKloud solution helped the client to not only replicating their virtual machines from their data center but also provided an end-to-end application recovery and testing of the migration for reliability
  • SecureKloud has leveraged the ‘Azure Site Recovery as a service’ primarily to utilize its native support for multi-tenancy via tenant subscriptions as well as for subscriptions through Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program to device an enterprise-grade DR solution that meets the requirement

Business Achievements

  • The one-click disaster recovery solution using Azure services has reduced the RTO considerably as most of the recovery tasks were automated with runbooks
  • By using Azure’s services in the solution, customer’s business confidence has increased as it was leveraging Azure’s compliance and data security standards
  • The customer was able to achieve a better SLA than ever with their end users as the solution is robust in terms of moving the workloads and application seamlessly
  • As the solution included various data and traffic encryption, monitoring and access log activity tools and services from Azure, the customer could achieve and manage Data Integrity across their data center which was one of their key requirement which in turn strengthened the customer’s business potential
  • With the ‘Deployment Planner’ used in the solution, the customer was able to make informed decisions and not based on assumptions, which further helped them in capacity and budget planning to roll out the deployments

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