About SecureKloud

SecureKloud is a solutions company that provides a framework based IT Services Development & Operational Solution for its customers to deploy on AWS Cloud. Security, reliability, compliance and governance are the four key goals that SecureKloud sets forth during any phase of its operations. Whether an organization is just beginning to look to the Cloud, or they are looking for ways to take even greater advantage of what the Cloud offers, SecureKloud is there to assist. From people to processes, and applications to data, SecureKloud has the skills and knowledge to make your journey to the Cloud a success.

The Challenge

Workforce Analytics required an AWS Cloud Infrastructure for healthcare document collaboration. They were essentially looking for a partner who could deliver secure, HIPAA certified service on Cloud.

Our Solution

At SecureKloud, we converted the challenge the client was confronting into a strategic, high-return business opportunity, with our deep technology expertise and partnership with AWS.

Take it to the Cloud!

SecureKloud came up with a highly responsive, scalable solution through Cloud Computing, with adequate security controls and data encryption facilities.

Workforce Analytics engages SecureKloud Software Services

Workforce Analytics, the New York based service provider, required an infrastructure environment to be set up in Amazon Web Services (AWS), to host a document collaboration and archival service for health care professionals who treat patients with developmental disabilities. A critical requirement for this service was that it must be HIPAA certified. The challenge for Workforce Analytics was to meet HIPAA compliance and HIPAA certification in a public cloud environment such as AWS.

Workforce Analytics engaged SecureKloud for its expertise in providing secure environments through AWS. SecureKloud engaged to develop the necessary controls and security measures to achieve HIPAA compliance—firewall, encryption, and controlled access.

SecureKloud Solution: Take it to the Cloud!

SecureKloud developed the complete infrastructure on AWS, in line with Client Requirements. In addition, necessary security controls such as network firewall for intrusion protection (IPS) and detection (IPD), denial of service (DDOS) attack detection and prevention were deployed. SecureKloud implemented Data encryption to protect the data stored on AWS in EBS volumes and S3, with key management on the customer’s premises. Necessary logging features, and utilized dedicated instances to meet HIPAA compliance requirements were set up.

In a strategic move, SecureKloud leveraged its partnership with AWS to procure a Business Associate Agreement for Workforce Analytics. Ultimately, Workforce Analytics was able to deploy their document collaboration and archival application, which enabled their health care customers to utilize their services in a secure, certified environment.

About SecureKloud


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