About the Client

Our US based client develops, manufactures, and markets a broad range of products for the life science research and clinical diagnostics markets. They supply the life science research, healthcare, analytical chemistry, and other related markets with products and systems used to separate complex chemical and biological materials and to identify, analyse, and purify their components. Their customers include university and research institutions, hospitals, public health and commercial laboratories, as well as the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and food safety industries.

Business Challenges Faced by the Client

The major challenge our Client faced was, they did not have a system or solution that would enable them to scale and have automated guardrails for Security, Disaster Recovery, Failover and follow AWS best practices. They also could not streamline the existing CI/CD pipeline. Another major barrier they had was the limited expertise in AWS, (their existing platform), AWS Services or automation.

Business needs of the Client

A process to standardize services with security and guardrails in place was our client’s major business need. This includes:

  • Enabling Edge Security
  • Automated Security Auditing and Repair
  • Application Performance Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery
  • Implementing Failover strategies and Caching strategies
  • User Analytics

Our client also required help in regional Deployment at Europe and China.

Reasons for choosing SecureKloud

They chose SecureKloud because of our extensive experience with AWS and the breadth of experience we have in both Life Sciences and Medical Devices globally. We embraced Knowledge Transfer, which would help them build on their own internal skill set.

Details about SecureKloud solution

The requirement was for Implementation of Security, Monitoring and Governance Guardrails. (Guardrails included Scripting and Automation, Security, CI/CD, Backup and Restore, Log Monitoring and Dashboard).

This includes:

  • Security of the platform by securing web applications, APIs, S3
  • Offering threat intelligence services via Guard Duty
  • Implementation of IAM and bucket policies to secure the platform
  • Monitoring of infrastructure and applications
  • Implementing AWS Best Practices through automation and scripting
  • Account Creation Pipeline
  • Backup & Restore Solution
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Streamlining the CICD Pipeline

We were able to deliver on time and on budget. The customer saw this as a collaborative effort. We also were able implement the solution of their choice using AWS Services. We were able to automate, secure and
streamline their platform in only 2 months.

Business needs of the Client

  • A secure, scalable and repeatable process was built so that other cloud projects could follow automation compliance with ease
  • Our client was able to spin up to a secured infrastructure
  • Ability to scale with larger databases and connect web app to cloud storage backend to heterogenous data sets
  • They now have both Disaster Recovery and Failover strategies in place
  • Enabled regional deployment plan in place for EU and China

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