About the Client

Our customer is a Swiss based multi-national healthcare organization that creates innovative medicines and diagnostic tests. With their combined strength in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, they are pioneer and the front runner in driving personalized healthcare.

Business Challenge

Initially, our customer migrated few of their business applications into AWS Cloud. As the customer became comfortable with AWS, they moved more workloads, making AWS their primary data centre. Currently, they have multiple teams working on various workloads. They want to ensure their AWS Cloud infrastructure is complaint with security guidelines throughout. They also monitor changes to network and infrastructure configuration to ensure the system remains within policy. Moreover, their AWS set-up was missing few cost centre tags and unencrypted EBS volumes were created that became challenging for the customer to achieve continuous compliance.

SecureKloud Solution/Approach

SecureKloud is already engaged with this organization as their AWS Managed Services partner. Being part of their AWS journey from the beginning and having vast knowledge and expertise in AWS products and services, helped us to understand the business challenge of our customer precisely. We implemented AWS Config to trigger incidents in ServiceNow to rectify non-compliant resources. Monitoring tools were configured to look at the aggregated logging source AWS Config.

Dashboards were configured to show:

  • Usage Patterns
  • Historic Consumption levels
  • Infrastructure Monitoring

Business Benefits

Our solution enabled our customer to audit the configuration of their AWS resources and ensure that they comply with configuration best practices and use this information for operational troubleshooting, audit, and compliance use cases.

About SecureKloud


Swiss based multi-national healthcare organization