About the Client

Our Client is a big player in the Aviation industry for more than 45 years. Their breakthrough product was Unmanned Aircraft System(UAS) which is highly integrated and interoperable, which helps the law enforcement to see and assess the situation ahead. The Ground Support Equipment(GSE) is a notable solution which helps the ground vehicles to automatically charge and the electrical charging system tracks and sends the billing information to the customers as part of energy management in the industry. They are also well known for developing a series of lightweight human-powered and solar-powered vehicles. They are also the Pentagon’s top supplier of small drones.

The Client’s Business Needs:

The following were the major business needs:

  • The client wanted to create a web-based application for the Ground Support Equipment(GSE) with a complete Cloud Hosting
  • For the Electrical Charging System, they wanted an end to end service right from installation and complete maintenance of this electrical equipment
  • Also, for this Electrical Charging System product, they were looking for a self- sustainable launch business model with 40+% gross margins which may require a back office with multiple levels of price platforms for various feature sets
  • They wanted their current customers to purchase the upgrade for their existing product

Why was SecureKloud chosen?

The client was looking for a Cloud provider who could understand their intricate business challenges and come up with the customized Cloud model suitable for them. SecureKloud, born in the cloud, is an advanced and experienced, top cloud unique solution provider having handled around 400+ successful business engagements in the market. Also, SecureKloud has previously catered clients of same industry which was an advantage in the evaluation process and hence was able to come up with a tailor-fit web-based Cloud hosted solution.

Our Solution :

The solution we proposed was a web-based application with cloud architecture for the Electrical Charging System, on live energy tracking, features for successful energy management and complete Cloud hosting. It is also designed in such a way the real-time output can be accessed by our client and their end customers. It allows the end customers to track the energy consumption down to a vehicle level for billing purpose on their mobile application. Security and compliance are paramount features and this solution is a robust deployment automation in the cloud, which addresses the client challenges effectively.

AWS Cloud Based Web Application

Features :

  • Cloud-based architecture for data gathering and storage
  • Wireless communication from chargers to cloud
  • Customer facing web portal for data reporting
  • Revenue grade energy metering per system
  • SMS and email alerts through the back office
  • Power management reporting and controls
  • Charger access control authentication
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet/Bluetooth connectivity

The Basic UI screens of the web-based application will have the options for the following

  • Login
  • Current Charger Status
  • Energy Usage by Vehicle
  • User Management
  • Charger Management
  • Customer Management
  • Power Management and
  • My Account Management

Business Impact :

  • By leveraging this system, the client’s environment became stable and easily accessible
  • This business model is sophisticated with the latest technologies and customer approachable for management
  • The sales improved notably, by reaching new customers and by addressing the existing customer needs

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