About the Client

  • Connoisseur of Classic Cars, dedicated to producing written and video editorials of the vintage automobiles
  • Branded as the most tasteful classic car site
  • Winner of the 2015 Short film Competition hosted by the prestigious Jalopnik Film Festival, a part of the Gawker MediaGroup
  • Enjoys a subscription base of quarter-of-a-million, with more than 120 original videos posted on YouTube, since 2013

The Challenge

The Client wanted to deliver the ultimate web experience, in style. To achieve this they looked-for a superior quality web architecture and uninterrupted services to live up to the expected high standards.

Our Solution

At SecureKloud, we understood the client’s passion for quality and the unique nature of their business idea, we worked on an iterative basis at each level of the website development and deployment, ensuring that the client was given what exactly was wanted.

Take it to the Cloud!

The client needed a website to be to extend visitor engagement without touching the Server; SecureKloud came up with a highly responsive, scalable solution through Cloud Computing, to accommodate and queue the concurrent visitors with efficiency.

SecureKloud Tool Stack for the applications developed

  • HAProxy/ELB Load Balancer
  • Apache/NginX Web Server
  • PHP/Drupal Web/App Layer
  • MySQL DB in HA
  • MemCache (optional on Phase 1)
  • Puppet for Deployment
  • SVN for Configuration Management
  • Grinder/JMeter for Testing
  • CloudWatch /Nagios Monitoring
  • Custom Scripts for Backup
  • CloudFront CDN for Image Distribution
  • Amazon S3 for Logs , Snapshots , Images etc
  • JQuery (AJAX) , CSS and HTML for User Interface
  • To follow YUI/Google Page Speed UI guidelines wherever applicable

SecureKloud Scope of Work

Capacity provisioning, DNS Setup, Security & IAM, Load balancing, Storage & CDN, Database layer, Monitoring, Backup, AMI bundling and Managed Services Support.

Vintage Cars

The Client, an established name in the Media industry, wanted to develop a flagship website dedicated to Vintage Car aficianados. All set to poise as the connoisseur of classic cars, they were on the lookout for a technology partner, to architect, design, develop and implement their website on cloud; the partner was to host intriguing content about vintage cars, rich with graphics and media content, while consistently guarding and playing up the stylish, superior tenor of the content.

The Client approached SecureKloud for getting the website, designed and launched on the cloud. This we delivered to perfection, thanks to our technology expertise, ability to empathize with the client’s grand passion, besides identifying and realizing key business drivers to the growth of the venture.

SecureKloud Solution: Take it to the Cloud!

SecureKloud executed the client’s requirement in three strategic phases.

  • Phase I – System Study and Architecture Design
  • Phase II – Application Development and Testing
  • Phase III – Infrastructure setup on AWS and Testing

How we did it

SecureKloud conducted an in-depth study for understanding the client’s technical requirements, encompassing application and functionality needs, database and file storage. SecureKloud worked in close contention with the client in developing the intended application and infrastructure architecture, all the while adhering to best practices for running a scalable and highly available application on AWS.

The application development phase, executed in multiple phases in an iterative model, comprised of designing, coding, testing and releasing the application to the client, for their approval and contention. Adherence to timelines and delivery schedules were followed consistently. In the last lap, SecureKloud set up the finalized infrastructure, with architecture recommendations for delivering the ultimate user experience.

Best Practices Deployed

  • High Availability using multiple AWS Availability Zones within a region
  • Failover of Amazon EC2 instances (Web/App) using Amazon Auto Scaling
  • Scalability of Amazon EC2 instances (Web/App) using Amazon Auto Scaling
  • Load Balancing using Amazon Elastic Load Balancing
  • Session management using ElastiCache
  • Amazon RDS (MySQL) Database in High Availability Mode with X Read Replica Slave
  • Monitoring of infrastructure using Amazon Cloud Watch metrics
  • Infrastructure related alerts via Email using Amazon SNS
  • Backup configuration of Amazon RDS database and Web/App layer
  • Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS for Storage

The Business Impact

  • The Client has grown into one of the most followed, premium online sites for car enthusiasts
  • Direct traffic source measures up to a significant 31.25%
  • Website worth of the client as approximately estimated is around $ 30,000 USD
  • Generates around 14,000 page reviews, daily, with 4,376 unique visitors
  • Encouraged by the success, the client forayed into online merchandising with premium, stylish and wellcrafted products inspired by classic automobiles
  • Current Google page rank of the website is 5 on a scale of 10
  • Current Global traffic rank of the website is 77
  • Listed among the top 100,000 most popular websites

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