About the Client

Sustainable Certification is a renowned and reputed ISO Certification & Accreditation Provider in Australia. They aimed at innovation and determined to make certification easier, speedier, and more valuable. Their impartiality is overseen by a group of eminent professionals selected from a variety of Industries and experience. Our client’s goal is to help inspire customer confidence and create an organization whose practices, processes and culture are one that attract and retain great talent as well as foster prosperous long-term relationships with consumers and other stakeholders. Our client‘s certificates assure suppliers, retailers, regulators and consumers that an independent organization has reviewed business processes and determined compliance to the ISO standards for safety (ISO 18001, ASNZ/4801), quality (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001), Information Security Management (ISO 27001) and others such CCF etc. Certification by Sustainable Certification and JAS-ANZ accredited certification body has many flow-on benefits throughout the market chain for business and regulators.

Business Challenge

Our client hosted their production application on the AWS cloud architecture. The application tier and database tier were hosted in a single availability zone which tended to face single point of failure. This results in lack of availability on both the infrastructure and application strands. Also, the production infrastructure required 24×7 monitoring and management with the need for continuous improvement of the infrastructure. Sustainable Certification approached SecureKloud to address their infrastructure needs and attain 100% uptime.

SecureKloud Solution

We moved the client’s infrastructure under SecureKloud managed services. As a part of value-added activities, we did a regular periodic audit on the infrastructure to make sure it is optimized to deliver high performance. Below were the issues identified during the course of management.

  • Lack of Infrastructure availability
  • Lack of Application availability

The above issues were reported on the audit. To overcome these issues, SecureKloud suggested a new architecture to keep the application, infrastructure, database highly available under any adverse condition. Below are the changes made to the existing infrastructure,

  • Clustered the application and made them run on multiple nodes
  • Every node (instance) was placed across availability zones
  • The web servers were load balanced with ELB
  • Auto-scaling groups were configured with the approved base launch configuration images to achieve high availability across the instances
  • The DNS records were imported and cutover to AWS Route 53
  • The database layer was configured to be highly available in the RDS (Multi AZ enabled)

Business Benefits

Our customer achieved the following business benefits through SecureKloud services:

  • Infrastructure Uptime: After changing their infrastructure, SecureKloud managed to meet the 100% uptime requirement of the customer. The SLA level promised as per the managed services SOW was fulfilled
  • Application High Availability: All the functional tiers of the applications were clustered to provide high availability in case of emergency like any application failure or function failure
  • Infrastructure High Availability: Functional clusters of the application that are setup to run on 2 nodes were placed across availability zones to provide high availability during a hardware failure in any of the nodes or in case of any one of the availability zones goes down
  • Database High Availability: The database is configured to Multi AZ to provide high availability for the databases
  • Improved Performance: The web tier was clustered and set behind the elastic load balancer to support load sharing which in turn increased the performance of delivery
  • Continuous Business Operations: Auto scaling was configured to meet high traffic demands and infrastructure availability for continuous business operations

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