About the Client

Our client is a leading senior-citizen care provider with an innovative remote monitoring solution. By combining the technology and world class health services, our client enables aging adults to stay healthy and live independently in their home. The solution provides continuous, non-intrusive, uninterrupted healthcare monitoring by using smart technology. Through remote monitoring services the family members or healthcare professionals get to know the aged people' health details time on time before the situation turns to be an emergency. This innovative care service is the first of its kind to combine easy-to-use technology with personalized health services.

Business Challenge

Our Client had the following business needs:

  • Required a platform to ingest the digital health data from devices and sensors that are monitoring their senior clients at home
  • Needed a Web application dashboard and mobile application to continuously monitor
  • Desired a two-way data and video application to communicate quickly with senior clients
  • Predictive Analytics based on prior outcomes/readings from devices were required

Reasons for choosing SecureKloud

SecureKloud is an AWS premier partner and has deep expertise in Big Data analytics and Data Science (ML/AI). We have deployed data analytics platform for many healthcare and pharma clients to meet their HIPAA and GxP compliance requirements. Thus, SecureKloud had the right domain and technical expertise to cater the client's requirements to develop HIPAA compliant web and mobile applications.

SecureKloud Solution

The following are the details of SecureKloud' solution to our client:

  • Cloud based data lake was developed where the device and sensor data were ingested and stored (normalized and used AI/ML on it)
  • Built a scalable dashboard that is capable of monitoring thousands of patients
  • Enabled the stored data to be consumed by dashboard and mobile applications for continuous monitoring
  • Utilized AI and ML to do predictive analytics

Business Benefits

  • Continuous monitoring and communication capability
  • Physicians and nurses can detect onset of illness through anomaly detection and predictive analytics in real-time
  • Real-time fall detection and alerting

About SecureKloud


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