Cloud Managed Services Provider

Unleash the full potential of your
Cloud Transformation in terms of continuous security and continuous compliance through automation

What is

Cloud Managed Service?

When businesses add cloud solutions to their infrastructure, they need to think about how to manage them. That’s when you need a managed service provider (MSP) helping you with your cloud solution. They provide specialized resources that improve internal functionality and IT infrastructure and are managed jointly by managed service providers (MSPs) via the cloud platform. This service optimizes recurring IT costs and automates business processes so that clients can achieve their business objectives.

Cloud Managed Service Provider


The benefits of cloud-managed service providers, and why should you consider them to manage your cloud resources.

  • Cost-efficient.
  • Predictable expenses.
  • Solid infrastructure.
  • Cloud security
  • Centralized network services.
  • Fast response time.

Our 24*7*365 Cloud Managed Service(MSP)

adds value by delivering

Cloud Assessment

Identify the shortcomings, vulnerabilities and address the gaps in the existing public cloud deployments

Continuous Security

  • Proactively monitor and report on the activities of privileged users and on the integrity of critical systems and data
  • Real-Time Security & Operational Alerts

Continuous Compliance

  • Build processes that focus protection at the data level and deliver effective risk mitigation and management
  • Real-time access to threat and compliance tracking

Managed DevOps

Enable automated continuous cloud deployments with Managed DevOps

Proactive Cost Management Support

Cost Monitoring Models & Reports

Know more: Cloud Cost Management

How we do
differently from others?


Automate all day-to-day activities to ensure minimal human intervention and security breaches

of all Assets

Obtain complete knowledge about your IT assets through Real-time Security to ensure auto alerts on security breaches and every updates released by Public clouds

Best Practices Implementation

Ensure domain/public cloud specific best practices are established

Our End-to-End Cloud Transformation &
Managed Services Portfolio
Cloud Managed Service Provider

Why SecureKloud can be your

ideal Cloud MSP?

Our Cloud-agnostic capability with 150+ Certified engineers and 350+ customer engagements enable us to manage complex hybrid/multi cloud environment effortlessly

Specialized in managing complex workloads for enterprises in highly regulated industries

Possess a broad range of skills, resources and management models


When we embarked our cloud transformation journey, we were looking for a partner with capabilities in the technology side of the transformation combined with a deep understanding of the HIPAA compliance requirements to offer NexGen Sequencing & Data Analysis and Clinical Research services in a secured and compliant manner. Not only did SecureKloud qualify with their capabilities but had a framework to automate the whole process making our choice much easier

Vinoth Sankaran - COO,

Genome Life Sciences Pvt Ltd


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Every infrastructure is unique so check out the industry best practices that must be adhered to achieve continuous security and compliance...

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