Migrating the workloads to the AWS cloud will benefit you in various ways starting from substantial IT costs savings and improvements in business agility and operational resilience. Through our proven approach and practices, we support every stage of this workload migration from an on-premises environment, hosting facility, or other public cloud to AWS Cloud.

AWS provides the most comprehensive and mature migration services, solutions, and tools. AWS’s predefined migration approach helps accelerate the cloud migration, modernization, or optimization projects to achieve business benefits faster.

Being an MSP partner, at SecureKloud we empower you to focus on the core business objectives without being weighed down by infrastructure related liabilities and niche skillsets required for the cloud journey.

Helping Customers Chart their path to Cloud

We understand that successfully migrating to the AWS cloud requires a thorough assessment of the company’s requirements before we create a relevant migration roadmap. As a certified AWS partner, we strategize this entire exercise in a step by step manner. Although adopting a cloud mindset is a good start, assessing the cloud readiness of the organization is very important. It helps to find existing organizational gaps that need to be addressed.

The objective of Cloud Assessment

  • How cloud computing reduces the total cost of ownership by 30% to 40%?
  • To know which applications are suitable for the cloud? And why?
  • How can you prepare your application for the cloud?
  • How can you support the transition from an existing resource-intensive configuration to the cloud environment?
  • Helps you to choose an effective cloud service provider?

The Process :

SecureKloud cloud assessment process is carried out in three phases. A thorough analysis of the system is conducted for a comprehensive understanding of readiness.

  • Discovery : In this phase, we collect data to analyse your business and the impact of cloud transformation. We also use automated tools to collect all information about infrastructure and your network.
  • Evaluation : Data collected during the discovery phase is evaluated to determine the availability of cloud migration from the customer’s infrastructure. According to the analysis, migration scenarios are created.
  • Suggestion : After analysing each component of the infrastructure, we assign infrastructure and local applications to the corresponding cloud components. Next, a roadmap for the migration is created that determines what needs to be moved and the benefit from using the best practices from migrating your infrastructure. After completing the cloud assessment, SecureKloud will easily carry out the migration to the cloud.

SecureKloud Cloud Assessment and ROI

  • Direct Ongoing Cloud Costs
    The benefits of increased productivity and transforming opportunities are why cloud assessment is viewed as truly transformative.
  • Time migration costs
    In addition to the direct costs associated with moving to the cloud, migrating to the cloud is a major change in the way IT works in infrastructure and people. All of this is not trivial; therefore, there will be certain investments in the beginning. With careful implementation, better savings will be achieved.
  • Risk
    Risk management is a major factor in cloud assessment. Automation and standardization and add layers of security to the cloud more easily. However, the cloud carries the risk that companies are not confronted but can eliminate or reduce human error.

As a Certified NexGen AWS Managed Services Partner with deep expertise, we create cloud solutions and manage the infrastructure ensuring complete digital transformation. Therefore, with a right NexGen AWS Managed Services Partner you can achieve :

  • 24/7 Cloud Support with 99.8 Availability & DR management support
  • Real Time Monitoring ⚊ Anomalies, Behaviour Intrusion & Traffic Flow
  • Automation – Backups, Recovery, Instance & Container management
  • ITIL Management Process for Incident, Problem, Change & Deployment request handling
  • ITIL Management Process for Incident, Problem, Change & Deployment request handling
  • Periodical Audits on Security, Compliance, performance and Cost of the cloud deployments