“You don’t have to say everything to be a light. Sometimes a fire built on a hill will bring interested people to your campfire.” ― Shannon L.

This is one of the days where the above quote is proven to be right. As a market leader in delivering quality Cloud solutions, SecureKloud has this habit of stretching every new service offered by different cloud service providers to explore and solve the contemporary business problems. In yet another effort in that direction, we had a bunch of technical evangelists and architects gathering at SecureKloud today for the #AWSChennaiMeetup event, to discuss two broad areas on AWS architecture designs.

1) The Pros and Cons of Architecting Microservices on AWS

2) Cloud Boundaries redefined: Running ~600 million jobs every month on AWS

Session 1: Pros and Cons of Architecting Microservices on AWS

This topic was discussed by Sudhir Jonathan from Real Image. Sudhir works as a consultant to Real Image, on the teams that build Moviebuff.com and Justickets.in. His history includes ThoughtWorks, Own Startup and a few personal projects. He is an avid coder and specialities includes Ruby on Rails, Go, React, AWS and Heroku and  a few.

His valuable knowledge sharing session started with the Pros and Cons of Architecting Microservices on AWS, also covering automated deployment, inter process communication using SQS, ECS, cost reductions using spot instances, ELB and Autoscaling groups.

Session 2: Cloud Boundaries redefined: Running ~600 million jobs every month on AWS

In the world of cloud “Speed is Everything”.  To identify various security, compliance, risk and vulnerability drifts instantly on our customer environment, SecureKloud  cloud operations team runs ~600 million jobs every month.  Mohan and Saravanan – the technical architects of SecureKloud shared their experience in running distributed and fault tolerant scheduler stack and how it has evolved.

During the event we also organized a simple tweet quiz in our handle @SecureKloud for all the participants. Dwarak discussed each question in detail with all the participants.

For more detailed updates on this event, please check the hashtag #AWSChennaiMeetup and our handle @SecureKloud in Twitter **Chennai Amazon Web Services Meetup, is organized by AWS Technology Evangelists from Chennai for AWS Cloud Enthusiasts. The goal is to conduct meetups often, share and learn the latest technology implementations on AWS, the challenges, the learnings, the limitations etc.

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